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The Art That Should Not Be

You come to the third, and thankfully final, room in your tour of the author's gallery. Just how the heck are you supposed to leave, though?


Remember that character, Ember, I mentioned? This is another take on his costume. While I have the basic idea down, I'm always trying to perfect, if such a word can be used for my art, the design. This one, I think, might be a keeper.

NightCrawler continues the trend of cool blue-furred mutants, only slightly less phenomenally stylish than the Beast. Kurt is also one of the greatest visual characters in comics, his agility and demonic appearance making for some really great artwork from people more talented than I. I just drew a simple juggling picture, a bit too sketchy, but I like it anyway.

I'm a big fan of the concept of duality. Symmetry makes for some excellent drama, and for some excellent action sequences (Everyone go rent Face/Off right now.) This is a picture I drew about a year ago that I liked, in concept if not in execution, so much that it spawned something of a series.

This one doesn't just play on symmetry, but also on the idea of a facade. An innocent-looking young man burns away to reveal a smiling devil. I like the devil best, of course...

I drew this a couple of months ago. I wanted to try a more dynamic approach to my old "evil in the flames, good out of them" routine. Was it a success? Well, no, not really. But it was a darned good try.

This is the last of my little series, drawn just recently. It's sort of inspired by Marilyn Manson's biography (Which, I concede, was a lot more interesting than I expected...) in that I felt like drawing a pale long-haired thing after reading it ;) Also, I switched from fire to blood as the medium of change. I just don't know how much more originality I can take...

Hey, look, it's a self portrait! Well, no, not really. The only similarity this guy has to me is gender. However, this was the design I drew for my Halloween costume, and it turned out pretty well. Any costume that makes small children cry is good. Of course, it could just be me... >:)


This isn't actually one of my best drawings, as is patently obvious, and it's a couple of years old. However, people keep teling me how much they like the effect, so I figured I'd stick it up here. No one comes here anyway, what's the difference? ;)

This is another original (for lack of a better word) character called Demian. He's from a race that is kinda like a bat crossed with an eel crossed with a human. He has various animalistic abilities, but his attitude isn't exactly the Wolverine type. He's a sadistic, fun-loving, utter jerk. He's cool. :)

This is the last picture for now, Ember again. This is basically my use of a comic book character to express exactly how I was feeling in Marketing one day. Of course, now that I'm a high school graduate, I never have to suffer through that mess of over-simplified corporate-propoganda again. Huzzah!





Lost, wandering through the stupefying maze of art, you finally come across two doors. Each has a title imbued upon it. Do you... the door marked "Certain Death" the door marked "Fluffy Bunnies"?