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Reaching the links page, you...

Oh, forget it. If you're leaving you're probably bored with that by now. Darn it.

These places are cool, trust me.


Encyclopedia Metallica The greatest of all bands

Soundgarden- The second greatest of all bands

REM The third greatest of all bands

Stone Temple Pilots Err... tied for the third greatest of all bands

Tool Newly named fifth greatest band in all of time and space. Woowoo.

Rammstein They're more than "Du Hast", damn it!



DC Comics- Go DC, go! Cool comics.

Marvel Comics- Go Marvel, go! More cool comics.

Wizard- A cool comic magazine Doesn't go, but stays nicely.


Elegant Waste

Owned by Jess. She's intelligent, beautiful, and possessor of the coolest looking page around. Ya gotta love this girl. Well, that's stretching it a little, but trust me, the site's cool. :)


Dystopia Owned by my friend Nick. The sicko.

Aryeh's Page O' Stuff- A really cool page by Ari X

Sinfest- The best web-comic I've ever seen...

Penny-Arcade- The next-best web-comic I've ever seen.


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