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I never had a favorite movie. I mean, I just had a group of movies that were really great. Terminator (Both of 'em), BladeRunner, The Crow, Star Wars (And co.) Dark City, Devil's Advocate, Blade, Predator, SpaceBalls, The Truman Show, Seven... Good movies all around, and I don't think I'll ever be able to really pick a favorite.

But if I had to right now, it'd be The Matrix.

Have you seen the Truman Show, and loved the idea,. but thought the movie was a little boring? Did you see Dark City, and loved the idea and the effects, but thought it moved a little slowly? Did you see Total Recall, and loved the idea, but you just didn't think it had enough action?

Neither did I, until I saw this movie.

This movie completely rocks on so many levels. Visually, it's beautiful. It has the epic, world-spanning effects of Dark City or the Star Wars Special Editions, but it also has human beings performing stunts that would make Spider-Man nauseous, and performing them seamlessly. "Faster than a speeding bullet" doesn't even begin to describe it.

As if the special effects weren't enough (As they were in Independence Day), we add in an original story (It's kinda like Truman Show, or Total Recall, or Dark City, except not really like any of them.), some surprisingly good acting (Keanu gets to play a hip youngster, so he doesn't bring it down ;) The action sequences (especially combined with the special effects) are incredible. Insane camera angles, excellent use of music.... the thing is shot like a goddamn music video. It actually makes you think (As long as you have two braincells to rub together, unlike whatever critic it was that dubbed this movie "incomprehensible". My ten year old brother understood it.) Top it off with drama, drama, drama, some neat-o symbolism, and humor that works itself in smoothly without destroying the mood or dulling the action, and you have an entertaining, thought-provoking, and exciting movie. Go see it.