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This is my first little rant, so I'll pick my favorite topic: Metallica.

I have grown incredibly tired of this phrase: "Metallica? I hate that stuff, it's all noise." Do you know why? Because uttering that statement offers virtually undeniable proof that you have no idea what you're talking about... yet you're still talking about it. I hate that. Metallica is a victim of trash like Poison and WhiteSnake who gave the words "Heavy Metal" a rather negative connotation. People forget that spandex-wearing, oh-baby-ing, noise-polluters like that do not represent metal as a whole. Metallica is possessed of, >gasp< intelligent lyrics, >GASP< variation in style, and >GASPGASP< a lead singer who can actually sing. Consider the following:

Hear me
And if close my mind in fear
Please pry it open
See me
And if my face becomes sincere
Hold me
And when I start to come undone
Stitch me together
Save me
And when you see me strut
Remind me of what left this outlaw torn.

Hey, poetic devices! Repetition! Alliteration! Metaphor! For crying out loud, this is not a band that is all noise, no brain, etc. etc...

If you think I'm wrong, here's a test. Name a Metallica song. Recite five words from it. Hum it. Can you do any of those things? If not, you don't know enough about Metallica to pass judgement.

So there it is, a major bane of my existance. I'll have a better rant next time, promise, but this was a necessary starting point.