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Real Name: Ford Wrangler

Height: 6’2"

Weight: 230 lb.

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Mostly unknown, he continually wears his costume. Tall and well muscled, said costume is jet black and blue, with a red trim. It features flaming eye spaces, fangs, and clawed gauntlets.

Powers: Ability to ignite any flammable substance within a one mile radius, and control the light and heat he produces. He can absorb all light or heat energy directed towards him. By converting this energy to matter he can produce solid or liquid objects of varying size, shape, density, and hardness (cold flame). If this object is fully solid, it retains its shape until Ember disperses it. If it is liquid, or highly pliable, he can reform it into another object. By superheating his body, Ford can propel himself through the air at speeds reaching 1500 miles per hour. His costume obeys his mental commands, and much like his cold-flame creations, he can change its properties. He does not require food or air to survive.

Skills: Capable unarmed combatant, with extensive training in sword play, and the combat uses of his powers. Not much for talent, but plays an awful lot of video games.

Personality: Friendly, tries and fails to be funny, he has little self confidence, and less self-worth. He'll bend over backwards for a friend, but doesn't have enough of them for this to be immediately obvious. Hates killing and other behavior he considers immoral, but he isn’t opposed to less extreme forms of violence when dealing with criminals.

Background: His past is, for the most part, unknown. He encountered several other super-powered teenagers, and joined them. Unfortunately, because they were rather happier with the prospect of killing their enemies than he, he doesn't get along with them, and is an outcast even among these outcasts. Yes, he does have the inevitable horrible secret in his past.