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The Author's Profile


In 1981 a great man was born unto the earth. He was handsome, strong, and intelligent. I was born nearby, and wasn't nearly so lucky.

I was born in London, England, but moved to the United States short years after my birth. I was forced into the unholy drudgery of public schools, and haven't experienced an iota of intellectual growth since. I graduated recently, much to my surprise, and have just started that whole college deal. Wish me luck.

I have a sister, whom I no longer have to tolerate, and probably the coolest little brother on the planet. He was a Satanic priest for Halloween: If that's not cool, I don't know what is. My parents are fairly cool, though, like most collegiates, I'm glad to be out of the house for a few months..

My hopes and dreams are of being either a professional artist or a professional writer. Given my rather striking lack of talent, you can accurately assume that I haven't quit my day job. My other hopes and dreams all involve a girl, and I'd tell you about them, but this isn't that type of site.

I am currently nineteen (So close to twenty... so close... Good God, no... Oh my... Oh no... Help me, help me, seventeen until I die...), and my favorite pass times are fairly standard: Music, writing, drawing, snake handling... You'll learn more about this later.

What, as you probably have not asked yourself, is my purpose in creating this page? Self expression, I suppose. My skill in most such areas is less than refined, and so I took it upon myself to create this combination of the written word and, in it's most basic sense, the artistic. Or perhaps I'm just afraid of being left behind in the new technological revolution. Either way, here it is. Enjoy.


Thankful to have survived your ordeal, you move form this rather pathetic autobiography on to...

...the actual content? interesting links?