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I have a dillema. The dillema is 12:30 am, EST. Two of the funniest television shows currently playing, NewsRadio and Late Nite with Conan O'Brien are on simultaneously. Newsradio is on twice, at 12:00 and 12:30. Conan starts at 12:30 and goes to 1:30. It seems, that there shouldn't be much problem. However...

Conan is funniest for the first half hour. The monologue, the sketches, etc. are great. So, I should watch one episode of NewsRadio and switch, right? It's not that simple. Once I've seen one episode of Newsradio, I just can't stop.... it's nearly impossible. Thus, I miss Conan. Oh the woe... Oh the horror... Oh the torment... How dare UPN and NBC do this to me? Reighteous vengeance rain down upon them all!!!

I need a VCR and some blank tapes...