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The Day I Tried to Draw

Finding yourself in the Art Gallery, you discover strange, unusual, and not-very-good drawings, each, conveniently enough, with an explanatory caption. But how to escape?


This, I dearly hope you've noticed, is Wade Wilson. If you're at all a fan of Marvel Comics, you know him as DeadPool. If you aren't, then, well, just look at the pretty colors. Nice, aren't they?

This, my friends, is Sephiroth. If you happen to be a megalomaniac video game villain, bow to him, for he is your god. If you've never played FF7, try it, you're in for a ride. If you have, and you're one of those whiny "Sephy could'a been a good guy if we'd just given him the chance!" types, then I have a message for you: The man was a psychotic! He attempted to kill millions and millions of people! He was NOT misunderstood! Quit the James Dean Syndrome, and love him for the force for evil we all know him to be.

ArchAngel. My only reservation about drawing Warren is that a character so visually spectacular should not be subjected to my stunning lack of vision. Try as I might, I can't do the wings justice. Of course, that's never stopped me before, and I rather like the silhouette effect...

Argus was a mythical creature with one hundred eyes. I'm not sure how many I put on here, but it's a whole lot. Oh, and yes, my more cultured readers may realize this has a passing resemblance to those big-toothed, bug-eyed, green-tentacled aliens on The Simpsons. It was entirely unintentional.

See Scott. See Scott die. Die, Scott, die!

You know, I drew this a year ago, and at the time I truly hated Cyclops. Now that he is actually dead, however temporarily, I find myself with almost an affection for him. My longest, most hated comic book character, gone. It's almost sad. But he's dead! Three cheers!

Because I quite like the coloring, and because I do hate Cyclops so very much, I decided to put up this version as well. In addition, the coloring makes it a little clearer just how truly sick I am. Enjoy!.

I keep thinking I should color this one, because I really like it. However, I'd probably lose some texture, so a darker background is probably all this picture has in it's future.


Here we are: The coolest of all comic characters, Hank McCoy. I hope this picture got some sense of motion across, because that's what the Beast is best at. Ain't he cool?

I'm not a painter. I'm not even a very good drawer, however one of my favorite artists of all time was the painter Velasquez. His absolutely wonderful painting "The Forge of Vulcan" inspired this drawing. I hope he isn't cursing me in the hereafter for stealing his ideas. Anyway, "The Forge of Vulcan" depicts a Roman myth, Apollo arriving at Vulcan's (Guess what?) forge to tell him of his wife, Venus, having an affair with Mars, God of War. This is supposed to be something like what an encounter between the God of Fire and the God of War would have been like.

This is an original character of mine, who's mentioned in the writing section as well. This drawing was colored interestingly. I originally scanned the black and white, and colored a print out gold with pencils. I scanned it again and, playing around with filters, turned it this nice shade of electric blue. I liked it so much that I've used it here, despite the slightly lower quality.





Finally reaching a door, you are ecstatic to think that you've made it out... only to find that it goes only to another room of the gallery! Do you... the door to the next room?

...return to the lobby?