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Tripping on a Hole in My Paper Art

Rolling your eyes at another inane title blatantly ripping off a popular song, you step into room two of the gallery. What horrors await you here?


DareDevil: The Man Without Fear. What a cool name. Much better than mine, Steve: The Man Without Talent. So, I decided to draw something with an actual background. Clearly I need more practice.

This is a cat. It's a cat made of glass. I wanted to try some observational work, and this is the meager result. Ah, well... Can't be too hard on me, I don't do it often... Of course, I *should*, but that's another story ;P

I've never liked guns very much. They seemed so... unstylish. I mean, anyone can use a gun. Pick it up, pull the trigger, boom. Awfully brutish. Swords, though, knives, blades... They're great. Gleaming metal, razor sharp, smooth.... cool. I never liked guns. Then one day, the combination of The Saint of Killers, Face/Off, The Matrix, and Hard Boiled got the better of me, and I just started drawing them left and right. This here is a random guy drawn specifically for me to draw someone with a gun. I like it.

More guns. DeadPool's great, because he has the best of both worlds. Knives, guns, he can do it all. I once again felt obliged to add a background, though I put considerably less effort into this one, sorry.

Another original character, Garrison Nash. He is also further explained in the writing section, and was inspired by the little gun-frenzy I went through for a while. This drawing is very sketchy, I know, even more than my usual drawings, but it took me a long time to get even a vague impression of what I wanted. And yes, I know I have to work on the guns.

Ah, yes, my weak attempts at humor do occasionally intermix with my weak attempts at art. Ironically enough, this is the best Spider-Man picture I've ever drawn.

Hey, look, it's a psychopath! Well, I drew this because I felt like drawing something inspired by a song, and Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica seemed a good choice. A particularly criminally insane nutter here, looking almost Joker-ish...


Speaking of Sanitarium, I used lyrics from it to illustrate this drawing of one of the people-in-pods in the movie The Matrix. I took some artistic license, of course, only because I didn't think the picture would look quite as cool with a pipe going down the guy's throat. Everyone go see this movie now!

Ah, Wolverine. Wolverine just looks damned cool. I even like my drawing of him, he's that cool looking. I'm not the biggest fan of Wolvy (Beast could beat the crap outta him, y'know...) but I'll admit that when he's done right the energy and ferociy he exhudes are incredible. Here's my take on him.




You reach another door, but are not so foolish as to believe this is the end this time. One more page! You... the door to the next room?

...return to the previous room?